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0 to 6 Figure Income In A Year!!

How To Make 160k With One Product.

   6 Figure DropShIP Product Model

Yes,  With Just One Product dropshipping you can make about 160k.
Today I’m gonna share with you the exact tips and tricks you need to make about 160k with just ONE Product.

So What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a store model where owners can sell products without actually creating or manufacturing or stocking the items themselves.

How does it work?

You create your store on platforms like SHOPIFY and add the desired product or products to it through Oberlo chrome extension and advertise on platforms like Facebook.

The best part is SHOPIFY  offers 14-day free trial!!

Customers who come to your store buy the product or products. Then, you purchase it from the supplier/manufacturer and send it to your customer. You will scale the price of your product or products. So, you get to keep the profit.

Profit= Store price – Seller price.



6 fig store inspiration

This post contains affiliate links., It means that if you choose to make a purchase through these links I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. You can read all my disclosures here.

Now let’s get to the part of ONE Product store.

How to find that ONE Product/ONE Viral Product that will make you six figure?

Here are a couple of ways to find the product.

6 fig store inspiration

hotproducts.io is hands down the easiest way to find your product!! through hotproducts.io

So What is hotproducts.io?

hotproducts.io Is The #1 E-commerce Software That Helps You Find Hot Winning Products To Sell On Your Online Store.

It Simplifies The Product Research Strategy By Providing You With Multiple Daily Hot Products That Are Selling Like Crazy On The Market.

The Platform Also Offers Multiple Tools To Help You Have An Advantage Over Your Competitors Such As The Audience Building Tools, Engagement Calculators And Many Other Features To Explode Your Online Store Sales! That Offers 24/7 Chat Support, E-commerce Marketing Training Resources & Strategy Worksheets To Improve Sales Performance.

Here are some fantastic features of hotproducts.io

  1. Hot Products – Over 200+ products, Hot Products in multiple niches!!
  2. One click Import-  Import Products to your store with one click import tool. The one-click import tool will instantly give you the product title, high converting sales description, recommend retail pricing and images
  3.  Facebook AD Generator – Facebook video ads have proven to make up 70% of the buying market. Simply provide your store URL to the ad generator, edit the text in the video and generate!
  4. Daily New Hot Products, Warm Products – Hotproducts.io understand that first mover advantage is vital for e-commerce hence they are even suggesting products that have potential to become hot who don’t have a lot of traction yet, but that contain the requirements to become a hot product.
  5. Facebook Ads Audience Builder – Hotproducts.io offers a unique tool that allows you to see some fantastic suggestions for targeting interests on Facebook ad platform.
  6. Hot Requests, Constant Updates – Hotproducts.io wanted to offer something entirely different for everyone on the market. hotproducts.io  enables its members to request products for their store niche. Features, like our engagement calculator which was requested by a member and built in a matter of days!
  7. Rewards Club –  Being a member of HotProducts.io unlocks learning content that would be valued at $997+ courses which include Facebook Ad training, Instagram Influencer training, Instagram Storie Ad training and multiple other training classes for their fantastic members.
  8. Product Analytics – On every product page we offer multiple-supplier sources for Aliexpress, along with providing Ebay & Amazon supplier information. We also give ad engagement stats, product page copy, Facebook targeting interests, video ad source, pricing recommendations and even an example 6-figure store selling the product.

Although these are just a few short, amazing features offered by Hotproducts.io, Here is their faq page check it out.

You can use the hot products you find in any e-commerce market including eBay, Amazon, and your store using Shopify, Woocommerce or even Clickfunnels!

They also have seven days trial for free, 7-day money back guarantee, No Obligations, No Contracts, Cancel At Any Time, 100% Risk-Free.

6 fig store inspiration


#2  way to do this is through Facebook. When you find a Facebook ad that is e-commerce related product, you wanna go in and click on the product, add it to cart and initiate the checkout process as far as you can without buying.

( buying is optional. If you  like the product you can buy it if you want to.)
What happens when you do this is Facebook thinks you are a very viable customer and fill your feed with these prime products.

A good rule of thumb is to look for products ads with less than a million views and more than 100 thousand views.
Helps you know that it is a possible product that could make you that 6 figure.
The next step is to go to Obrero or AliExpress and check that product.

How many of these are in stock, How many 4 or 5 star reviews does it have. How many of these were sold in the past say about in 6months?

This will help you understand if it is a saturated product or if there is still room for that potential 6 figure income.

Another IMPORTANT Step in finding that ONE Product is to make sure its UNIQUE.

Unique? How unique? Unique enough that it cannot be found in any department stores. It’s simple coz why would you buy any product that’s readily available in Walmart or Target? The same goes for your customers thought process on buying the product or products.

PRO TIP: There are about 90 million iPhone users in the just United States alone!!! So finding that one product related to iPhone alone even with just 1 product and 1% of 90 million users buy it. IMAGINE the profit you can make!!!!!!!

Mind-blowing opportunity.

For a newbie how to find the product?

So try to find a product that cost you between $1 and $10.
Why? Coz that way you can scale up to $10 more than it cost you, this way you can make a decent profit.

Here’s how you do it. If for example, your product cost $5 and $3 for shipping. Then you sell it for $18 to $20 with free shipping. OR $15 with $3 for shipping.

PRO TIP: Always choose the e-packet it saves you a lot of time and frustration and complaints from your customers. e-packet provides tracking, so it’s easier.

6 fig store inspiratin

Here’s a PRO Dropshipper SCOTT HILSE he made 6 figure with just one product in under a year.
In his course, he walks you through every detail so you can focus on making that 6 Figure income.

Scott Hilse is the main individual who thought of the possibility of One Product Drop shipping store; His technique is just one product no upsells  purely one product.

What is an upsell?

It is when the buyer is prompted to buy another product by saying ” Frequently bought together” or ” the customers who bought this also bought” and recommend more products.

It is a good idea to sell more, but his course is unique; he just focuses on one product no upsells and still be able to scale it to 6FIGURE. In his course, he walks you step by step every detail in the same way as he did in the store where he made over 160k.

He simplifies the process of building a store with one product only less hassle, less worrying and simplified process!! Scott Hilse walks you through the process of setting up your Facebook business page, Ad campaign and all the details you need to make a successful 6 FIGURE STORE. He has a youtube channel where gives tips and talks about a single product store.

check out his course here; simplified dropshipping