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Potential Viral Products for 2019 for Single Product Store.

Products To Sell in 2019 !!!!

1 product store


Online business is booming more than ever. With growing technology business opportunities now venturing into cyberspace. Not only is it easy, but it is done with little capital and more substantial profits.

It is easier to think and say oh it’s saturated. It’s not; there is always need and demand for things as long as people on earth.

Doing your homework before you launch your business is the most efficient way to start a business. With so much information floating around the internet, pretty much every other person posting the same content over and over it may seem like you are stuck on a hamster wheel. So, I am going to try and provide as much information possible without overwhelming you. The strategies for finding a single product or a niche store and potential viral products.

Impulse buy products have the power to convert a potential customer into a paying customer in a matter of seconds.

What exactly is an impulse buy products?

Impulse buy products make customers stop what they are doing, “click add to cart” and then head straight to checkout.

How to find impulse buy products?
Or how do you know which product is a potential impulse buy product?

Impulse buy products are typically inexpensive and cost customers less than $20.They are also efficient and very novel and hard to find in local stores.

When it comes to searching the product or products it might seem hard. Here are some smart data-driven ways to look for product or products for the dropship, using product statistics. 

Use oberlo for product statistics.


1. Popular categories: are the best way to decide on a drop shipping niche.

2.Star ratings and reviews: to determine how good the product is. How satisfied the customers are. How many reviews does it have? Anything above four stars and over 100 reviews(good reviews of course) is a good product.

3. Imports: use imports statistics to find out whether a product has already been discovered by other drop shippers or whether it’s a diamond in the rough. More store imports don’t necessarily mean more competition. The number of store imports depends on page views and order count. If a product has for example over 2000 imports with about 100 page views and over 500 sales, it could be they are from new stores and up and rising merchandise. Five hundred-ish sales for 100 ish views could potentially go viral with right targeted marketing.

4. Page views:  page views are the number of times a product was viewed across all Shopify powered stores in the past 30 days.

5. Order count: indicates the number of times a product has been ordered in the past 30 days and six months.

In our last post, we talked about making 6 Figure Income selling a single product online. click here

In this post let’s look into some products that have the potential of going viral or sell all year long.

1.iPhone/Android cases:

iphone case1

iphone 2

There are 90 million iPhone users in the just US alone. If you get 1% of those users to buy. Imagine the potential profits you can earn. But be careful choose unique iPhone case like Anti- Gravity   Tetris case are the examples of unique phone cases. Follow the strategies I mentioned, and you will find your product.

2. Breathalyzer:


Keychain breathalyzer is another excellent product. DUI can cost a lot and probable suspension of license for some. Not only can you market for DUI but also for safety. Your target audience can be people interested in alcohol, university students and the parents whose kids are 18 and older. Why university students honestly, although under 21 many teens drink and drive so having something as simple as a keychain to help them keep tabs on themselves While parents are not around to keep tabs.

3. Sunglasses:


Remember unique is the key to winning product when it comes to single product store. But sunglasses are available everywhere so how can you find unique and winning sunglasses. Polarized Sunglasses Clap Ring Eyewear Foldable Wrist Sun Glasses,  A lot of people have issues with sunglasses, they break when you put them in pockets, or they fall off, and if you kids are like mine, they are experts in losing their stuff. With these wrist wrapping sunglasses they won’t fall off!! yay !!! winner!! With Spring already here and summer approaching now is the perfect time for people are already planning trips and vacations.

Pro tip: you can make video With these sunglasses unique feature you and kids can go on roller coaster rides and water rides and still not lose them. Or you can hire someone on Fiverr for cheap to make you the video with little investment your profits can go a long way!

4. Face Massage Roller: 

Beauty Products like face massager. Jade roller has been very popular lately. For beauty products, you can use upsells like pore cleanser even when you single product store. The best way to market this product is through Instagram Influencer and YouTube beauty channel. Beauty niche is evergreen finding the winning product in this Industry is easy keeping constant tabs on beauty guru for latest and upcoming.

5. Neck Pillow: 


When it comes to health products, popular items like these neck relaxation pillows can help your customers relieve pain and improve the realignment of your neck. This product is so insanely popular that in the past 30 days it’s had over 2200 sales – and there have been thousands of more sales in the past six months. With people hunching over their computers and phones all day, this is a problem-solving product you need if this is the niche you choose.

To promote this neck pillow, you can create videos detailing the benefits of using a neck pillow every day. You can create ads on Facebook to target people who are looking down at their phones. Or you can develop search-based ads for keywords like “neck pain” which has 165,000 monthly searches. You can also create educational video ads discussing the benefits of relaxing your neck for half an hour each day to help convert the sale.