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How To Tap Into Successful Mindset And Conquer Fears

Top 5 Ways To Conquer your Inner Fears And Be Successful.

“Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions.”  –

Tony Robbins

Fear.. what is fear? Why do we have it? How do we overcome our fears?  Our inner demons.

Fear is a powerful emotion that we experience which makes aware of an unpleasant situation or danger. This fear we have makes us want to hide, to run away, or even avoid a situation.

So, how can we overcome this fear these inner conflicts, that little voice in your head is saying don’t do it what if? What if you fail, what if you make a fool out of yourself?  How are you going to deal with embarrassment?

The answer is very straightforward. CONQUER  “IT” called “FEAR”…

Now, wait a minute. Hear me out. Or read me out in this case since you are reading this post.

I know how this sounds, such a cliche..easy for you to say you don’t know what it’s like, what I had to go through, what it feels like to be.

I know what all these feeling are like because just like you I have been through these emotions time and agian.. over and over… The only way I got over these is by conquering them one by one.

So was it easy or was it hard? O! boy it was tough… I was like no way… maybe not for me.. not at first. Did I cry..? heck yay!! I’m only human. I probably wouldn’t have complained if I were a humanoid… The first few tries are always hard.

 But then something changed not the situations or the people around me.

 It was something inside me. The little voice in my head shifted.  It was like the flip side of a coin, from pointing at all the ways I did something wrong to what could go more wrong if I didn’t give up or curl up into a ball and hibernate for eternity,  to saying…. hey that wasn’t so bad.  It’s okay you are still learning, you will do way better next time now that you tried. And that my friend is a fantastic feeling.

You see the only thing that changed was the way I was thinking. I was beating up myself all the time to embracing myself. It wasn’t the situations or people that turned around me; It was how I treated myself.

And then I started seeing the change in people around me… had that shift towards me. I call it the ripple effect, even before I could react they would say it to me Hey don’t worry about it, It’s okay, or I know you will do way better next time.

So how did I get from being a sore loser to conquering my inner fears? Or more importantly, how can anyone overcome their inner fears and become successful!!

Now getting to the fun part on how to conquer your inner fears the Top 5 ways.


Now how exactly do we do this? Thoughts of negativity and self-doubt hold you back from reaching your full potential.

Identify and write out self-sabotaging thoughts. Now reframe your perspective by writing out why you’re capable and deserving of goals and dreams and desires. And now read it out loud. The key is recognizing these negative thoughts immediately and destroying them before they hinder progress.


This Quote brings us to our second method.

#2. Dive Into Opportunities By taking Actions.

Success comes to people who take actions. Do not wait for the Perfect moment or a Perfect opportunity. If you’re expecting to do something because you want it to be ‘perfect,’ you’re never going to achieve it. Recognizing the opportunity and destroy fears by facing perfectionism head on and taking action. And that is how you become successful. Successful people in life didn’t get to where they are today because they waited for the perfect moment; they grabbed the opportunity and figured it out along the way.

#3. Set BIG GOALS And Step into Success…

Tap into your mindset by mapping out your goals starting with the end in mind. Create milestones along the way. Acknowledge the milestones you hit along the way to keep tabs on your progress. Enjoy the journey to success. The mindset you have on your path determines your success because if you hate what you are doing it’s likely you going to give up. So think of the big picture, the end goal and enjoy the journey along the way with the right mindset. And when you do it right mindset every  GOAL you set your mind onto will be a success!!

#4. Control Your Environment And Tap into Your Mindset.

You will never grow to your fullest potential by keeping toxic people in your life. They’re known as energy vampires that suck the energy from you. If you can’t eliminate them, detach yourself and minimize contact with them. Surround yourself with quality people, not quantity.

Look at it this way when you are working so hard on improving yourself and bettering yourself, Why do you want to spend time with someone who brings you down instead of uplifting you. It’s okay to walk away from them, don’t feel guilty.

#5. Create Habits That Serve You Success.

Success is about choosing between what you want now and what you want in a bigger picture. Anything that is not serving the bigger picture ditch it. Don’t let an instant gratification hinder your bigger goal. Fuel your inner self and make it reflect the path to success. Replace junk food with healthy food,  Social media, and TV with Meditation and high-quality reading like self-improvement books. Incorporate ways that lead to your end goals.

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