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Re-Set, Re-Adjust Re-Start, Re-Focus As Many Times As You need.goal setting

New Year is all about new changes you want to make for a better you. But then some of us sometimes hit the slumps/ blocks and put a pause.
How about we give it a different approach this time around.Instead of thinking of our goals as new or fresh and stressing about Goals not achieved,

Let’s Re-Define them. Re-Start from where we left off.
Re-adjust so they are attainable.
Re-Set the ones we had to put on hold.
Re-Focus as many times as we need to, To be our absolute best. Let’s re-imagine the ways we reach our goals!!

Re-Set our goals for possible level make few small goals that make up our big end goal,  instead of working out for an hour start with 10 min workouts for about five times a week. Then build our way up.

How about starting with 5000 steps instead of 10,000 and stressing about all those UN-walked steps. Instead set goals that are attainable that build and boost your confidence and reflect a positive state of mental health.

goals achieved

Re-Adjust your goals. Add 10 mins of meditation or yoga for better mental health.

I mean let’s face it life happens to all of us. Seasonal sickness or caring for our kids or spouses we sometimes put a pause on our goals.

So let’s not stay stuck in that pause let us Re-Start and Re-Focus and for as many times as we need to for being our absolute best. 

Let’s Re-Imagine the way we see our goals this year.

Let’s Re-Fresh our goals this spring., not all our goals are weightloss related, so how to handle our business goals? Here’s a trick I use although very simple it’s very efficient.  I make a list of all the things I have to do. When our mind is filled an endless number of thoughts, it’s hard to get things done. I put down all those on a notepad be it on a computer or a physical paper. And, then I slay one dragon at a time!!goal setting

Everyday goals:  How to reach our daily goals efficiently? Set every day “To-do” list. As so evident as it sounds, it is the most effective way to get things done.

goals achieved

“Small daily improvements over time lead to stunning results.”

Robin Sharma, Writer.

What small daily improvements you do daily lead you to stunning results? Let me know in the comments below!!

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  1. Mandy says:

    I love this!! I read this Tony Robbins quote the other day: “Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.” It reminded me that it’s OK to re-evaluate things and approach them a different way. I agree with you, having a daily to-do list is the main way I get stuff done!

  2. Kailee says:

    Awesome post! I actually really needed this today… I love lists but lately I have so much going on I forget to make them and they are so helpful!

  3. Awesome! We’re big fans of refreshing our mindset daily (sometimes hourly!), and also being flexible with our gameplan. We believe in being steadfast in our vision, and flexible with our methods. Great post!

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