Hi I am Shilpa. Little bit about me I am mom,wife,sister,daughter, friend,
Blogger, these are some of roles of my life.
I love reading about ..Self improvement,researching Work from home opportunities,Passive Income Opportunities, love DIYing, crafts these are some my interests.


I am here to help you “to being you”…. The reason I mentioned my life roles earlier is coz.. sometimes when taking care of several roles in our life.. caring for family and friends we sometimes get lost in their world. If you are like me you most definitely are… So here I am on my journey “to being me”
to help others like me find theirs “to being you

Even if you are not the kind of one who gets lost in the world of loved one’s and practices Self- Care I’m sure you will plenty of stuff in here for your interest.

What you expect in my blogging series is….

Ways to rediscover self-care,Parenting…Passive Income Opportunities.. Work From Home opportunities¬†Diy’s, Entrepreneurship, thoughtful gift guide, motivation and more.

Yep little bit of everything….

Just like we are many roles and are made of many interests. I cover many things little bit of all the interests we are..

I’ve been in your shoes..

.Wait… what? how do I know.. You are here for a reason… you were searching for something that led to here … here’s my story…

When I first started my journey “to being me” I found myself all over the place or more like all over the internet.. for all of my interests… so I thought why not start a blog that covers several aspects… like work from home resources, Entrepreneurship, Passive Income Opportunities.. Affiliate marketing, along with Self-Care,Diy’s and more..